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UNESCO MGIEP Knowledge Commons

A Social Network for Social Change


IconThe Knowledge Commons (KC) is a global community of people who wish to change the status quo, in order to create a more peaceful and sustainable world. Developed by UNESCO MGIEP, the online platform brings together people, especially youth, from diverse backgrounds, ideologies, and domains to talk about issues that concern us all.

The users join various communities and projects, based on their individual interests and the platform enables users to discover new content which has been curated by a community. Users can then share opinions, polls, news, infographics and videos in order to discuss and debate important issues.

The Knowledge Commons has a number of thriving communities and projects with very active discussions. Artificial intelligence has been deployed to bring to users the latest happenings in the fields of education, climate change, and other topical issues. The platform is completely web responsive and can be accessed from all devices.

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Ask me anything

AMAs are free flowing conversations on Knoweldge Commons (KC) between an invited guest and the users. We encourage experts from different walks of life to share with us their journeys, their learnings, their work and their lives. We set aside an hour for this session, and the users are free to raise a question of their choice. The personal insights shared by the experts give us a rare glimpse of their knowledge and experience.

The following AMA sessions were conducted between several experts on difference learning and users who wanted to know more about the issue, the stigmas associated with it, existing assistive technologies that can be used and the types of policies and accommodations that are in place for people suffering from learning differences, among others.


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