Public Engagement

UNESCO MGIEP is committed to incubating new ideas and talent in the fields of peace and sustainable development. Through webinars, conferences and other events, we create both real life and virtual spaces for innovative dialogue and action.

About Public Engagement

Although experts in education, technology, and business have begun developing multimedia, student-centered approaches to learning, they rarely come together to share information, discuss challenges, and showcase new ideas. Our public engagement programs are designed to break silos between fields, build relationships, and mentor new talent, all in the service of educational innovation. The objective of our public engagement activities is to create a forum for sharing knowledge and critical analysis of how technology can be used to challenge the status-quo, and to establish new paradigms to ensure fun and engagement lie at the heart of learning.

What we offer

Webinar Series

UNESCO MGIEP’s webinar series fosters exchange between the public and experts from a variety of fields, including gaming and learning, peace and sustainability, and transformative pedagogies. Past participants include internationally-acclaimed gaming scholar Dr. James Paul Gee and award-winning game designer and Games for Change founder Asi Burak. Watch this space for more announcements regarding upcoming sessions.

Gaming Conference

Based on the notion that education is a powerful tool for addressing disparities, promoting sustainable practices, combatting inequality, and ending cycles of violence, UNESCO MGIEP’s gaming conference will foster innovation, conversation, and collaboration between stakeholders in the international gaming world. Ideally, convening these various stakeholders will spur the creation of new games, knowledge, and partnerships that will together will form the basis for a diverse, rigorous approach to gaming for learning.

Why We Are Needed

The gaming conference is a space is for professionals and practitioners who embrace the idea that games can revolutionize learning. In the past decade, there has been a substantial amount of research on learning games by people in different capacities. We explore how games are transforming education and redesigning the learning process. Developers, designers, educators, students, and researchers from all parts of the world come together to discuss innovative game-based learning models, case studies, and technologies that are or have the potential of shaping the future of learning and assessment.