Transforming Pedagogies

Our pedagogical initiatives utilize the power of information and communication technology (ICT) to make formal, nonformal, and informal educational approaches more effective, engaging, and empowering.

About Transforming Pedagogies

At UNESCO MGIEP, we see technology as a tool for changing the way we teach and learn. Fundamentally, our projects seek to challenge existing attitudes and beliefs about teaching and learning, and to foster spaces for dialogue and exchange that we believe can ultimately result in a more peaceful, sustainable world. Our program consists of a series of inquiry-based, thematic projects in which students are required to engage with contemporary, inter-curricula issues through online, multimodal dialogue with peers who are geographically, culturally, and / or linguistically different from themselves, an approach that lends itself to breaking traditional boundaries.

What we offer

Transformative Learning Labs

The Learning Labs (TLL) programme uses technology to allow young people around the world to connect, share ideas, and drive their own learning. Through TLL, teachers will pilot innovative approaches to teaching principles of peace and sustainability in their classrooms. The program is currently running in India, and will soon expand to more countries.

Why We Are Needed

Recent studies show that the majority of the world’s countries are at war, and that many of these wars are the result of intercultural conflict. Teaching children to celebrate, rather than fear, other countries is a key way to remedy this issue.