Research & Futures Programme

The Research and Futures Programme aims to create constructive anarchy in the field of education with the aim to provide ideas on education for radicalizing youth towards peaceful and sustainable societies.

Our Activities

In order to strengthen polices on education, peace, sustainable development, UNESCO MGIEP is engaged in the following activities:

The Working Paper Series

The Working Paper Series critically explores contemporary issues related to learning and teaching for a more peaceful and sustainable world. Authors seek to spark conversations, generate debates, and foster innovations that will eventually lead to systemic change.

Policy Briefs

This will focus on educational reform at multiple scales and provide insights on how existing educational systems can evolve to address the challenges of the 21st century. The briefs will be directed towards targeted policymakers and will attempt to reach out to both the demand and supply side of the education equation.


This project aims to revolutionise learning through its multimodal online modules which employ a range of rich multimedia tools for an immersive learning experience on pertinent issues such as migration, climate change and prevention of violent extremism. Using tools of critical thinking and academic enquiry, the module will equip learners with a key set of skills necessary to engage with the issue in reality.

Difference Learning

This project aims to generate awareness about dyslexia and related learning differences and address the issues by developing a resource toolkit and a support network of experts. Objectives include universal screening for students, developing standardized assessment and diagnostic tools, and initiating a common platform for all stakeholders to help the larger cause of improving functional literacy.

Talking Across Generations

It is MGIEP’s annual flagship event in the form of a town hall discussion which provides a public forum for young people and decision makers to join forces on contemporary issues. The idea is to cut down artificial barriers of podiums and stages to allow a free exchange of ideas across generations in an  honest discussion. This year's TAG focused on “Violent Extremism and Education”

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Research & Futures Programme

The Research and Futures Programme strengthens national and international policies on education, peace and sustainable development, and contributes to the discussion surrounding the Sustainable Development Goals and the international development agenda. In its flagship dialogue series called Talking Across Generations (TAG), the programme offers a democratic policy platform for young people to engage directly with experienced policy makers and thought leaders. The programme also helps to advance academic discourse in transformative education through its Distinguished Lecture Series.

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