Rethinking Curricula Programme

UNESCO MGIEP will strengthen Member States and their systems of education to facilitate the integration knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values of peace and sustainable development and global citizenship within school and university curricula.

Our Activities

In order to move ahead with our partners to implement innovative strategies for rethinking education systems around the world, we take the lead on the following activities:

State of Education

UNESCO MGIEP will review the extent to which concepts of GCED and ESD are mainstreamed in national policies and curricula in 20 countries in Asia and the Pacific, with a particular focus on core subjects (mathematics, science, language arts, and social studies) at primary and secondary school levels.

Embedding project

The project aims to embed concepts of peace, sustainable development and global citizenship in textbooks of core subjects like Maths, Science, Language and Geography. International experts have developed a guidebook for textbook authors titled ‘Textbooks for Sustainable Development: A Guide to Embedding’.

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About The Rethinking Curricula Programme

The Rethinking Curricula Programme re-examines the purpose of education and the organization of learning to meet the demands of today’s increasingly interconnected and interdependent world. With a focus on re-purposing and reorienting formal education systems, the programme will strengthen the capacities of Member States and key education sector stakeholders to integrate knowledge, skills, values and attitudes required to promote peace, sustainable development and global citizenship in their school and university curricula. The programme will review the state of education for peace, sustainable development and global citizenship around the world and experiment with, analyse, and build capacities for innovative curricular practices.

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