17 Instameets. 17 SDGs. 17 Acts of Kindness The Blue DOT - Issue 8 UNESCO MGIEP's bi-annual flagship publication has now been released on the topic 'Digital Pedagogies for Building Peaceful and Sustainable Societies' - download your copy today TECH 2018 UNESCO MGIEP's international ed-tech conference will be held from November 15-17 2018 in the coastal city of Visakhapatnam State of Andhra Pradesh India The deadline for Call for Proposals for TECH 2018 has now been extended. Apply before 15 September 2018

Social is a safe place on internet to discuss problems and ideas relevant to society with a growing community who cares.

At the core of Social are Tags. A tag is a community of people discussing connected ideas. Explore tags and subscribe to the interesting ones. You can also create your own tag and invite your friends to it.

Within each tag, you can conduct polls or discuss ideas by sharing some relevant links, research papers, reports or stories. You can also add badges to these discussions for more clarity.

Social is all about people. It's a network of people who care about education, mental health, violence and peace and about so many other things. Follow people you care about and be respectful to one another.

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