Youth Programme

The Youth Programme empowers young people to lead social initiatives and nurtures skills for peace, sustainability, and global citizenship.

Our Activities

In order to move forward the discourse of education for global citizenship and enable the youth to be at the heart of this discourse, UNESCO MGIEP with partners is engaged in the following youth initiatives:

THE YESPeace Network: The 2030 Global Youth Partnership for Change

The YESPeace Network is a collaborative effort, led by UNESCO MGIEP, to transform education and ultimately achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), especially Target 4.7. It aims to create a critical mass of young people who envisage a more peaceful and sustainable society and become active crusaders for achieving the SDGs.

The Changemakers Programme

The Changemakers Programme targets young people ages 18-35 to promote youth action for transformative learning for peace, sustainable development and global citizenship. The programme supports trained ‘changemakers’ through online and physical spaces in their efforts to shape, modify or transform education and learning systems.

The Campus Ambassadors Programme

The Campus Ambassadors Programme is for young people ages 18-24 and connects international university campuses to create an empowered youth cohort working on issues related to the SDGs, especially Target 4.7. Establishing YESPeace campus societies and creating forums for interaction are among the key activities of this programme.

Youth-led monitoring of SDG Target 4.7

Youth-led monitoring of SDG Target 4.7 challenges young people ages 18-35 to become game changers by tracking progress towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. UNESCO MGIEP will mobilize youth to curate and generate data on how young people are addressing critical issues covered in the Sustainable Development Goals.

Youth 24x7

Youth 24x7 is a world-wide youth-led campaign on global citizenship. In 2018, we envision a week-long campaign including intercultural dialogues, forums, music concerts, art shows, and seminars. The outcome will be a declaration on education for peace, sustainable development and global citizenship and a report monitoring the Sustainable Development Goals.

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UNESCO MGIEP sees youth as its key partners. The Youth Programme works with young people around the world and mobilizes youth action from a local to a global scale on issues of peace, sustainability and global citizenship. We work with young people, youth organizations and networks, civil society and Member States to provide a channel to bring forth collective youth voices to policy-makers. The programme not only amplifies the voices of youth in decision-making processes, but also enables the youth to hold governments accountable for the implementation of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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