Youth Action Plan: UNESCO International Conference on the Prevention of Violent Extremism through Education: Taking Action

Youth Action Plan

Six weeks ago, UNESCO MGIEP initiated an online conversation with nearly 5,000 people from all over the world, to share experiences and ideas related to the role of education in preventing violent extremism. We heard from a diverse group of young people including those effecting change in conflict zones and those who have been changed forever by conflicts and violence in their communities.

Forty-three young people from around the world convened in New Delhi to transform these conversations into an action plan.

We, the youth delegates, recommend the formation of a Global Youth Council to promote education as a tool to prevent violence and to build peaceful and sustainable societies.

Towards this end we propose three projects, with a short-, mid-, and long-term perspective.

  • The first project is the facilitation of an online dialogue engaging applicants for the UNESCO Conference on Radicalization and the Internet to be held in Quebec, Canada in October 2016.
  • The second project is the publication of a guide book. UNESCO has developed guides for policy makers and teachers on preventing violent extremism through education. One of the major objectives of this conference was to collect feedback on the draft policy guidance. Critically missing in this series is a guide book directly addressing youth. The Global Youth Council will write and produce a youth action guide to complete the series.
  • The third project is to review the curricula and textbooks currently in use in selected countries around the world. The Global Youth Council will identify biases, discrimination, and other content that undermines the core principles of global citizenship. We will submit recommendations for revisions to relevant national and international bodies. We will support and contribute to the restructuring of formal education to reflect the critical role that schools can have in peace-building, promotion of human rights, and the civic engagement of young people.

We understand the scope of the projects proposed. We come to you with our enthusiasm and our committment to see these projects through. We ask for your support and partnership in beginning this work today.

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