UNESCO MGIEP organizes Summer Reading Camp 20 May – 20 June 2017, New Delhi

UNESCO MGIEP, in partnership with the National Brain Research Centre (NBRC) and Saajha, is organizing a 4-week summer reading camp for students from 20th May to 20th June 2017. The reading camp is part of MGIEP’s Difference Learning programme that aims to shape schools and classrooms that address the needs of all learners, including those who learn differently. We have developed a four-step approach wherein we provide training and tools to parents and teachers to screen, assess, nurture and integrate all children.

Six camps are being organised in North, South and East Delhi comprising of 30 students each. Nearly 150 students, aged 6-10 years from MCD schools of New Delhi, are attending the summer reading camp. The camp commenced with a facilitator training session organised on 12 May 2017 by UNESCO MGIEP. The reading camp is comprised of weekly sessions on akshara identification, matra identification, and introduction to shabd.  Pre-assessment and post-assessment tests from Dyslexia Assessment in Languages of India (DALI) toolkit have been adapted for the reading camp and will help in the identification for children who might be at risk for learning disabilities, and to understand the scope for improvement through effective intervention.

UNESCO MGIEP is developing a programme to provide the conducive environment for learning for all children and thereafter, provide screening, assessment and remediation for children identified with learning differences.


For more details about the programme, please contact:

Ms. Karanpreet Kaur, Associate National Executive Officer –

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