YESPeace Network Workshop: Youth demonstrate strength in diversity; offer solutions for a peaceful shared future

September 21, New Delhi— Most of the youth delegates had made a long journey from their home countries to New Delhi to attend the UNESCO International Conference on the PVE through Education: Taking Action, but at the 2nd YESPeace Network International Workshop (held the day after the conference concluded) their enthusiasm showed no signs of waning.

The workshop sought ways to bring together youth leaders working on Education for Peace, Sustainability and Global Citizenship (EPSG) across the world and, in the truest spirit of collaboration, motivate them to share knowledge, experience and perspectives.

An exploration of ideas

Enriched and inspired by the two-day (19-20 September, 2016) conference – including the TAGe (Talking Across Generations on Education) session, the young delegates from various countries took up the task to ideate, discuss and design transformative youth projects that could eventually be implemented with the support of UNESCO MGIEP’s YESPeace Network.

Building on individual strengths

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together – African Proverb

The idea of “building on collective individual strengths” lies at the core of the YESPeace Network– to bridge the gap between organisations and individuals working on empowering the 1.8 billion youth through EPSG.

With over 50 young delegates attending the International Conference on PVE-E and TAGe, the YESPeace Network only had to provide the space for these young and passionate people to communicate, connect, collaborate and find synergies in their work towards building more peaceful and sustainable societies.


18th August – 18th September 2016

An online group was formed about a month before the workshop where the 30 workshop participants acquainted themselves with each other – including the skills, experiences and perspectives they brought to the table. The participants were tasked to share a #DreamYouthProject Idea, which in a way was to help them (the participants) find opportunities for collaboration, based on which they formed themselves into 5 groups.

The groups were to then come up with a project idea each, which had the potential to be developed into a full-fledged project proposal.


21st September 2016

Unlike many other workshops, the participants had already formed strong bonds with each other by D-day. This familiarity helped create an atmosphere that was conducive towards collaboration, open expression and exchange of ideas.

After having burnt the midnight oil for many nights, the groups were more than ready to present their project ideas. Each group had to present their project ideas twice – to the rest of the group and to a panel of judges (the final presentation).

The feedback for the first presentation made to the groups was incorporated and a final presentation was made to the panel of Judges comprising of Ms. Yoko Mochizuki (Head of the Rethinking Curricula Team, MGIEP) Mr. Abel Caine (Senior Project Officer, MGIEP) and Mr. Chris Meintjes (CEO, Activate!) The panel shared its feedback with the youth on their projects.


The participants are currently working on developing a detailed project proposal to pitch their ideas at local, regional and international levels. UNESCO MGIEP shall assess the project proposals and work towards finding opportunities for providing initial support.
For more information on the YESPeace Network please contact:

  1. Abel Caine (Senior Project Officer): 
  2. Piyali Sarkar Debnath (Programme Officer): 
  3. Shankar Musafir (Programme Officer) 
  4. Sajid Sheikh (Programme Coordinator)
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