YESPeace Pakistan hosts its first workshop

Islamabad, Pakistan, April 19th, 2017

Youth for Education, Sustainability and Peace (YESPeace) Network, Pakistan organised its first workshop on peer capacity building and strategic planning from the April 17th – 19th, 2017 in Islamabad. The workshop was attended by over sixteen participants from partner organisations and entailed sharing of training plans on youth capacity building by partners and a detailed planning session towards developing the YESPeace calendar of events for the year.

Initiated by UNESCO MGIEP (, YESPeace is a network of networks which aims to mobilise youth on issues of peace and sustainable development. Additionally, the YESPeace Network is part of Global Action Programme (GAP), Partner Network for “supporting youth in their role as change agents for sustainable development through Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)”. With existing chapters in India, Malaysia and South Africa, UNESCO Islamabad is leading the set-up of YESPeace Pakistan.

YESPeace Pakistan is a collective of youth organisations in Pakistan and is actively mentored by UNESCO MGIEP. The partner organisations include Pakistan Youth Alliance/Hive from Islamabad, College of Youth Activism and Development (CYAAD) from Islamabad and the Little Art from Lahore.

The three day workshop included two days of capacity building and one day of planning. Experiential learning workshops were held on issues such as identity, values, behavior, art for development, theatre, conflict resolution and civic imagination.

The planning exercise led to the development of the YESPeace calendar, which will also include an ambitious YESPeace Youth festival towards the end of 2017.

The final day saw the participants presenting the YESPeace plan to the Secretary General of Pakistan National Commission for UNESCO and Director of UNESCO, Islamabad.

For details on YESPeace, please click here.

Partner Organisations:

CYAAD, Islamabad

Little Art, Lahore

Pakistan Youth Alliance, Islamabad

For details on previous YESPeace workshops:

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For more information, contact:

Shankar Musafir:

Piyali Sarkar:

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