YESPeace Pakistan partners co-lead youth workshop in Lahore

21 – 23 August, 2017 | Lahore, PAKISTAN

YESPeace Pakistan’s partners, The Little Art (TLA), College of Youth Activism and Development(CYAAD) and HIVE organised a three day Youth workshop from the 21st -23rd August in Lahore. The workshop was the advanced stage of the Tamasha YESPeace workshops, wherein TLA invited other YESPeace partners for the trainings. More than 25 young people from all parts of Pakistan took part in this.

The workshop included individual sessions by YESPeace partners. Syed Ali Abbas and Umair from the HIVE team facilitated sessions on civic imagination with young people.

Inayat and Jan Muhammad from CYAAD led intensive sessions on conflict resolution and issues like identity.

The TLA team led its trademark sessions on exploring issues of peace and sustainable development through theater. The participants were also given certificates of participation.

Each YESPeace Pakistan partner is taking the lead in doing at least two youth workshops. Firstly, the Independently Led Activities (ILAs) wherein the partner takes the work of YESPeace forward on its own and secondly the CLAs or Collaboratively Led Activities, wherein the partner invites other organisational partners to come over and collaboratively lead a youth workshop. TLA did these workshops under the name of Tamasha YESPeace workshops.

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