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UNESCO MGIEP's Knowledge Commons

A virtual discussion platform on peace and sustainability

The Knowledge Commons is UNESCO MGIEP’s social networking platform designed to bring together communities from across the globe. It is an online tool to promote engagement amongst youth on issues that have significance beyond political borders and to create an impact on issues such as education, peace and sustainable development.

The platform is equipped to analyze the multiple conversations taking place on it in a visual, easy to understand format. Changes in conversation trends across geographies, age and gender provide a rich understanding of our different perspectives – contributing to a shared vision for global peace.

The Knowledge Commons provides an opportunity for users to create partnerships and collaborate on projects and ideas. In this context, we have collected some of the most insightful conversations and ideas shared
on our platform.

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An infographic on Conflict across the world

An infographic on Comments

An infographic of difference learning in knowledge commons

An infographic of Tweets